Narrative short about a farmer, who is sucked into another world, getting alienated from his family.

René - Family man, farmer, addicted to his phone.

Compulsively, he consumes the content of Chiara, a young influencer who lives a life that couldn't be further from his own. Helplessly, we watch as he increasingly neglects the world around him, until we ourselves are drawn into the vortex of absolute distraction in the form of a musical fever dream. A film about addiction, family, social media, and a helpless, little calf.

Director: Lars Bürmann

Producers: Helena Paulina Reiche, Lotta-Marie Mannsperger

Author: Hürcihan Gül

D.o.P: Fine Susanna Gumpert

Art Direction: Lion Littwin, Isi Duchemin

Editing: Mika Kopischke

VFX: Marlene Sandmann

Above all I want to mention and thank my trustworthy, incredibly supportive and all in all lovely camera and lighting crew:

1.AC: Paul Nägl

2.AC: Finn Reisdorf

Steadycam: Ian Baum

Grip: Jonas Thibaut

Data Wrangler: Henry Marx

Setfotos: Marcel Reiter, Simin Jakeman

Gaffers: Jakob Dombrowski (Farm), Muriel Wolf (Theater)

Rigging Gaffer: Lukas Hayen

Best Boys: Simin Baingo, Henk Aaron Szanto

Sparks: David Nuenning, Niclas Scheuer, Ivo Siegler, Marcus Brux

Look Development: Niklas Lipski

Colorist: Fabian Klein

In front of the camera were: Fynn Zinapold, Maike Johanna Reuter, Holly Splettstößer, and Alexandra Kuzmanovic.

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